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1st Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Testimonials and Customer Feedback

“We were resigned to the stains in our carpet just being a feature of our home until we could afford to put new carpets in. Well, I was wrong. You guys were able to come in and use that space age technology of yours and, well, before I knew it the stains were gone! Really happy with the results and don’t have to get new carpets for some time!”

Nikki, Frankston

“Thanks for coming in guys, you were on time and were done in no time, a rarity I think when it comes to contractors. Anyway, you did a satisfactory job and I was happy to pay your rates. Guys were also quite polite and kept to themselves which I appreciated as I work from home.”

Shaun, North Melbourne

“We bought the kids the most adorable little staffie puppy but the little rascal isn’t exactly house trained and lets face it, you can hardly make the kids clean up after it! Well she’s grown up and finally has learned to pee outside, it was great to get the carpets clean, the air finally doesn’t pong and the carpet looks like new.”

Ruth, Doncaster

“My wife and I have been planning on putting our rental property on the market but we couldn’t afford to re-carpet the place, our tenants were great but their friends weren’t! The carpet just had no end of wine and alcohol spilt on it. You guys were able to get the worse stains out and left it looking much better. We can now put the place on the market with a bit of confidence that prospective buyers aren’t going to take issue with the state of the carpets.”

Paul, Prahran

“1st Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has proved reliable on the two times we have used them, also, I got them to do my mum’s place and they did a good job and they were also really nice and polite to her which was great because she really doesn’t like having people in her home.”

Lynn, Kew