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We’ve been operating our service as carpet cleaners Melbourne for many years – so we know all the ingredients you need to provide great cleaning services. Firstly, we offer a huge variety of professionally-delivered cleaning options. No matter the size of your carpet, or the material its made from – we have the top of the range tools and equipment necessary to get it back to its condition’s absolute peak in no time at all. Choose from amongst our large selection of specialist services in the sure and certain knowledge that if you need cleaning services Melbourne – you’ve chosen one of the very best.

Our highly trained cleaners are dedicated to achieving a spotless record of customer service, and the staff who delivers your cleaning in Melbourne are chosen from amongst the top local professionals – all of our cleaners have a large degree of technical knowledge, full job certification, and years of industry experience. We also make sure they’re equipped with the latest cleaning technology, so that they can put that knowledge into practice as quickly and efficiently as possible! From durable office carpets, to fragile oriental rugs – our staff have everything they need to get perfect results, every time.
Call to our Experts 03 6364 2913

    Call to our Experts 03 6364 2913
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    Carpet Cleaning Melbourne – 1st Carpet Cleaning Melbourne – Carpet Cleaners

    We have a long history of serving addresses all over Melbourne. You can count on us to leave your carpets clean and fresh for competitive prices.

    We spend money on the best equipment and on making sure our staff are as effectively and efficiently trained as possible in using the equipment meaning you don’t just hire a generalist cleaner when you work with us, you get the best.

    In addition, your conscience can be light because we only use environmentally friendly materials with our cleaning equipment, this means your home is clean but also not full of chemicals, once we are done. Our methods of using specialist steam heat extraction equipment will remove the most ingrained dirt, bacteria and dust. Not only that, but your carpet will be clean and dry in only a few hours. Gone are the days of stressing over the stubborn stains that prematurely age your carpet such as wine and pet urine. We can get rid of them meaning your carpet looks better and your house is healthier because of the service!

    For further information or to make a booking please call one of our friendly staff on 03 6364 2913 or alternatively you can contact us.

    Call to our Experts 03 6364 2913

    Call to our Experts 03 6364 2913

    Our range of services is extensive. Select from amongst our:

    Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Oriental Rug Cleaning

    Oriental Rug Cleaning

    Carpet Dry cleaning

    Carpet Dry Cleaning

    Carpet Steam Cleaning

    Carpet Steam Cleaning

    Office Carpet Cleaning

    Office Carpet Cleaning

    Curtain Cleaning

    Curtain Cleaning

    Just because you can’t spot your carpet in the list, it doesn’t mean we won’t be able to clean it! Just give us a call today… and find out how our Melbourne cleaners can help you.

    Call to our Experts 03 6364 2913

    Why Choose Our Service for Cleaners Melbourne?

    As well as the extraordinary array of carpet types we service – and the long list of carpet cleaning methods we offer – our prices are some of the most competitive you will find for cleaners Melbourne. Not only that, but because of the efficiency savings that we make by operating in such a manner, we also like to extend a discount to customers who book more than one of our complimentary services simultaneously. Combine – for example – domestic carpet cleaning with our curtain cleaning service, and you’ll be able to get the fabric of your entire house cleaned and freshened at the same time, for a reduced cost!

    There are a great many benefits to using our service, including:

    • The keen eyes and skilled hands of our dedicated staff
    • The state of the art cleaning equipment which we use
    • Our affordable prices
    • The 24-hour service hotline which we operate, allowing you to get in touch with us any time that you need to
    • Our evening and weekend appointments – which cost no more than our weekday ones!

    We’re immensely proud of the services we offer as cleaners in Melbourne, and we also have great feedback from our customers. Feel free to head on over to our testimonials page, and see for yourself what previous customers have had to say about us.

    best carpet cleaning melbourne
    carpet cleaning melbourne

    Book Cleaners Melbourne Now

    Get in touch with us now – on 03 9008 3376 – to start making arrangements for your cleaners in Melbourne.

    Our service hotline is open and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – so one of our friendly and well-informed contact teams is always on hand to talk to you about your needs, to answer any questions you might have about our service – or to offer you a free, personalised quote at any time.

    Alternatively, we also provide an online system which allows you to get a free instant quote – with an immediate response!

    Freed my carpet from pet stains

    “Because I was sure the pet urine stains and odour would never be removed, I was about to toss away my area rugs when I remembered about their cleaning service. I have already referred them to friends and family members for anything from routine cleaning to carpet steam cleaning.


    Helped best in an emergency

    “I plan to use them again when I need carpet cleaning. He was a pleasure to deal with and extremely thorough. Removed a stain on one of the carpets.


    Lower cost better cleaning & treatment

    “When he cleaned the carpet in our sunroom, we detected a peculiar odour, so he also deodorised and sanitized the area with a neutralizer. To anybody I know, this company comes with my highest recommendation.



    Our carpet cleaners can get rid of any stain. Wine, pet, ink, coffee, and others may leave stains.

    Yes, we are not only available in Melbourne but also in Melbourne suburbs. Albert Park, Spotswood, Williamstown, South Melbourne, and Seaholme are some places to name. We provide the finest services.

    For the cleaning procedure, we utilize steam cleaning, dry cleaning and vacuuming tools to provide you with a fine cleaning service. In this field, we are the best. Our finest and most timely services are in demand in Melbourne.

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