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Carpet Dry Cleaning

Like other precious household items, sometimes carpets are too delicate and expensive to use conventional cleaning methods on. Even professional steam cleaning by professionals such as ourselves can still not quite have the finesse and delicacy needed to attend to the standard you require. That is where dry cleaning comes in and more importantly, dry cleaning using our state of the art dry cleaning equipment and materials, which ensure an amazing clean and a promise that they will not damage your carpets. We suggest having a talk with our knowledgeable staff about your needs and concerns around your carpets, they will be able to assess whether you can utilise our professional steam heat extraction services or whether you require the precision of our dry cleaning team. We are so specialised at carpet cleaning that we have classes of trained professionals depending on what you need so you can be sure that our staff’s professional assessment of your carpet is the most accurate you are going to get.

Why Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning takes away the risk of damaging expensive or delicate fabrics. If you are unsure as to if you require dry cleaning or not please call one of our friendly office staff and they will ask a few questions in regards to your carpets and help you determine which service you will require.

Making a Dry Cleaning Appointment

To discuss with our helpful and well-informed staff what service best suits you, give our staff a call now on 03 6364 2913. They will be able to talk you through your cleaning needs, advise you of ways to mitigate any existing damage and what service is best to satisfy your needs. If you want to send us a question or request a written quote, use our email at We have our carpet technicians available 7 days a week to come out to you at no additional costs on weekends and evenings. Just give us a call now and have a chat about your carpet!