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1st Carpet Cleaning Melton West has been offering great service for many years. You need to choose a curtain cleaning Melton West firm that offers both cutting-edge and practical services. We pay special attention to even the most little details, including curtain washing. We provide a range of services, including curtain washing, blind cleaning, and drapery cleanup. Even if you want us to offer cheap curtain cleaning costs for it, we are ready to assist you with professional services at low costs. Call us right now for a deep curtain cleaning at 1st Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. Our curtain cleaning Melton West team is an expert in providing you with the best curtain cleaning service. 

Our Exclusive Curtain Cleaning Service In Melton West

  • Dry Cleaning- Did you know that curtains are made of delicate materials that require appropriate cleaning? You do indeed need to take care of the curtains. Therefore, contact us to employ our curtain cleaning Melton West service. As soon as you see any symptoms of dust, debris, or unwanted material on the fabric of the curtains. 
  • Steam cleaning- We have taught and trained our professionals on how to carry out curtain steam cleaning services to give your curtains a thorough cleaning. Because only the steam cleaning procedure will be able to remove the deeply entrenched dirt particles. 
  • Curtain stain removal- If you have stains on the curtain, simply call us. We use safe stain removal solutions to eliminate the stains from your curtains. 
  • Blind cleaning-  The window coverings will consist of adjustable slats made of cloth, plastic, metal, or wood for both closed and open situations. Your blinds will become filthy on both sides in this arrangement. With our urgent blind cleaning assistance. You can quickly get them clean, nevertheless. 
  • Mould removal- Moulds are the reason why your curtains have dark spots. They come in a variety of colours, including green, red, black, and grey. These moulds are pathogens that will directly harm your health. You may use our on-site mould removal curtain cleaning service. 
  • Re-hanging curtains- You need not worry. Because it is our responsibility to rehang the drapes to carry out the procedure to the end. 
  • Allergen Treatment For Curtains- We offer curtain cleaning services in Melton West at affordable curtain cleaning prices. However, an anti-allergen solution for your drapes can also provide a benefit. This procedure provides your curtains with a sterile atmosphere.

What Are The Perks of Appointing Us?

Our staff offers excellent service. And we will make sure the issue is fully resolved. There are many reasons to appoint us. Have a look at a few of them:

  • Complete service: Along with curtain cleaning we even offer you curtain rehanging service to you.
  • Cost-effective: The service price we ask for is nominal. We need not charge essentially. 
  • Accessible: No matter what the time is. We are available to assist you round the clock in Melton West. 
  • Locals: As we are Melton West’s locals. This can give you emergency and same-day curtain cleaning service. 
  • High-quality service: We use high-quality solutions and methods to give you a high-quality curtain cleaning service.

Curtains can make a room look elegant and colourful, they can also have the practical and important effect of keeping the house warm. However, the other side of the coin is that they can attract and hold in dust meaning your rooms can become clogged up, dark, dusty and unhealthy. In short, whilst curtains are a great addition to any room, they must be looked after to ensure a long life and the health of your home. We can come in with our specialist, steam heat extraction and dry cleaning equipment and really give them an over haul, the result will astound you, cleaner and nicer smelling air and curtains that really make a difference to your home!

Booking your Curtain Cleaning Appointment

To discuss with our helpful and well-informed staff what service best suits you, give our staff a call now on 03 6364 2913. They will be able to talk you through your cleaning needs, advise you of ways to mitigate any existing damage and what service is best to satisfy your needs. If you want to send us a question or request a written quote, use our email at We have our carpet technicians available 7 days a week to come out to you at no additional costs on weekends and evenings. Just give us a call now and have a chat about your carpet!